In our effort to revive Esoteric Buddhism in Indonesia, Mantranaya is gathering funds to built a traditional Indonesian Buddhist temple. The construction of the temple will be designed according ancient Javanese Buddhist architecture. The architectural style of this sacred building will be based upon that of Candi Mendut, though smaller in size.

Statues of Vairocana, Avalokitesvara, and Vajrapani are to be enshrined within the main room of the temple, and a stupa will be placed on the top of the roof. In this way we hope to create a suitable place of worship that can be used for Buddhist ritualistic practice (e.g., pilgrimage, ceremonial prayer, tantric initiation).

Currently we run a small hermitage named Kasutapan Kasunyatan. Here people can gather to study esoteric Buddhist sutras, perform tantric rituals and join meditation retreats. Eventually the religious activities performed at this hermitage will find a new place at the temple that is to be built. When the construction work of the temple has been completed it will adopt the name of the hermitage; i.e. Vihara Kasunyatan.

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